Friends of Colorado Lagoon
Friends of Colorado Lagoon

Board of Directors

Dr. Christine Whitcraft

Vice President
Dave Pirazzi

Adrienne Mohan

Norman Zoref

Board Members
Helene Ansel
Harriet Bennish
Cindy Desatoff
Andrew Kincaid
Laurie Pekich
Tina Pirazzi
Becky Thorn
Ray Thorn

Restoration Director
Eric Zahn

Education Director
Taylor Parker


The Friends of Colorado Lagoon (FOCL) are a coalition of concerned citizens working to restore and preserve an important urban wetland in our community. We promote cooperative solutions to ensure a healthy balance between recreation, flood Marbeled Godwits (Limosa fedoa)management, water quality, wildlife habitat and native plants in Colorado Lagoon. Our primary goal is to protect public health and environmental resources.

At the Lagoon’s center is a recreation area that requires achieving safe water quality levels all year round. Reconfiguring the east and west arms of the Colorado Lagoon is Double Crested Cormorant (Phalacracorax auritus)necessary to support and attract native species to promote optimal habitat and a healthier environment. Restoring the less-used north side of Colorado Lagoon and creating a nature park with a walking trail around the Lagoon will provide an educational component with markers to illustrate native species.

Introduction to Friends of Colorado Lagoon

Friends of Colorado Lagoon


Lagoon Address:
5119 E Colorado St
Long Beach, CA 90814

FOCL Mailing Address:
6475 East PCH #252
Long Beach, CA 90803


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